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Hammond & Irving, Inc. has been an ISO registered company for nearly 20 years. We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality products for the markets we serve. Whether we are supplying these products for military or commercial applications, we take the same thorough approach to insure our product meets each customer’s specific requirements. Hammond & Irving possesses a vast knowledge base with regard to both Industry and Customer specifications and can assist in interpretation of the requirements as needed.

Our Quality and Engineering staff has over 100 years of combined experience in the forging industry. This experience allows H&I to recognize potential issues and address them long before they become a problem for our customers. Any issue which may arise will be handled with a timely and robust response as our customer’s satisfaction is paramount. Our Quality and Engineering team can also help guide our customer’s decision making process so as to not waste time and money.

We are continually improving our systems to better serve our customers in their endeavors. Our Continuous improvement activities are consistently driven by our desire to be the best supplier in our industry. Our approach to problem solving is technology driven as we use engineering solutions to solve quality issues/ problems. These technology driven solutions are enhanced by our in-house programming abilities. Our team’s focus on the details insures that system upgrades are sufficiently planned, tested, and approved prior to deployment. This attention to detail helps us provide our customers with a state-of-the-art supply chain partner which can meet or exceed their expectations.

At Hammond & Irving our personnel is highly trained, and our equipment is state-of-the-art. We have a CNC controlled Ring Roller for enhanced consistency and repeatability. We have tightly controlled Forge and Heat treat furnaces with electronic data storage and real time monitoring. We have automated systems for product segregation and traceability. Our real time production process reporting allows H&I to respond quickly to customer requests, and provide accurate “on the spot” information to insure our customers stay informed. Our product marking systems have been upgraded to include automated labeling. We have in house positive material Identification (XRF) with certification if our customers are in need of that service.

We continue to build on our 100 years of forging expertise by staying at the forefront of technology and innovation. Hammond & Irving’s quality team is responsive to our customer questions or concerns.

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