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About Hammond & Irving, Inc.

Rolled Rings for Gear Applications
Rolled Rings for Gear Applications

Hammond & Irving, Inc. was founded by Charles Hammond and Robert Irving in 1919. The combination of this expert hammersman and owner of a mill supply business allowed H&I to immediately supply quality forged products to a strong local customer base.

H&I broke from the tradition of serving only local needs in the early 1920s. As the company continued to expand, larger capacity hammers were acquired to facilitate our entrance into new markets. This expansion from a few small steam hammers to nine hammers that covered a wide range of sizes and shapes ensured the company continued success during the depression.

H&I invested in a unique piece of equipment in the late 60s which revolutionized its manufacturing process. The original ring roller gave H&I the advantage of producing rings at a faster speed, and was able to change measurements (set-up) in a matter of minutes rather than what previously took hours or even days.

During the 70s and 80s two hydraulic presses were acquired to replace our large hammers. However, we still maintain "small" hammer equipment and are capable of producing the finest hammered product available in the market.

In the spring of 1999 H&I continued its investment into the future through the purchase of a Wagner 63/63 RAW ring roller and support equipment. Many pieces of equipment throughout the facility were upgraded, and product flow was greatly improved. This state-of-the art piece of equipment allows H&I to manufacture a superior rolled ring with greater accuracy and improved consistency.

For the last several years H&I has remained on the path of continuous improvement by investing in the company. Much of our manufacturing equipment has been upgraded with improved controls. New equipment has been added to the facility. Our employees have been continuously trained and we are registered to the latest standards of the ISO 9001 Standard. In 2009 the company completed a major addition to the heat treat and shipping departments. This project allows us to meet the delivery requirements of our customers.